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"This has been the best investment in my business"









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"I just HAD to share my first big win for the year. At the end of the 5 day Mastermind one of my big financial goals was to achieve 3 consecutive 1K months. I am bouncing off the walls to say not only did I achieve this yesterday but also achieved my first 1K week!!! A big thank you to Anna & Flori for creating this community and all of you... you keep me focused, confident and inspired"





"I hit the 5 figures just last week and put it all down to this program! It’s incredible."






“When I did my Goal Setting Plan, I set out to aim for $1k per week by the end of July! Never would I have dreamed I would achieve my goal on Monday of Week 3!!! $1k and it’s only Monday…. Anna & Flori your insights are golden… still got loads to do but so happy with this start due to my pre-planning.”






Keneena Fanning – Kablooie


I was feeling frustrated… I didn’t have a clear idea of where I was going and why, and how I was performing. I felt frazzled and unable to focus on the multitude of things I felt needed to happen…

I didn’t feel confident calling my venture a business and I wasn’t even sure how I was tracking financially. I didn’t know where to take it from here to really grow my sales….



(and she still continues to kick goals for the record!)

Massive mindset shift… really owning my business and my decisions, and realising it’s me and me alone in the driver’s seat.

Learning that mistakes are opportunities to learn & grow

I’ve made the biggest leaps so far in my biz that I have ever made.

I’ve seen my monthly sales grow by almost 200% over the last quarter.

Love the dynamic community to interact with, as well as a wealth of program content that I can keep revisiting 

One of the BEST business investments - I’m so glad I became a part of the BSFM community


Frances Lalor - The Day You Came Into the World


I didn’t even have sales targets in place, let alone a business plan or a marketing strategy.

No systems in place for tracking money or sales. Things had really plateaued and I found myself thinking “what now?!” and questioning the future of my biz.

I was flying blind and like I had so much more to achieve but wasn’t sure what I needed to do to get ‘there’, particularly as I felt very time-restricted being a full-time mum of two toddlers!



(and she still continues to kick goals for the record!)

Within 1-2 months of completing the BSFM program, my sales had increased by 100%

I had knocked my 6 month goals out of the park, and I completely sold out of books!

The book was also accepted by a distributor and soon picked up by Booktopia, Angus & Roberston, QBD, Fishpond and the Book Depository.

I learned the basic principles of biz and marketing, but also equipped me with the strategies and mindset to get shit done!

Good-bye feeling overwhelmed and insecure and hello action-plan and confidence!

It’s so nice having a safe space to share ideas and achievements with women who ‘get it’

Now am looking into expanding my products, self-publishing my second book and breaking into the UK market!






"Getting through these webinars and exercises has been so helpful! I feel so much more refreshed, in control, buzzing just ready to get on with it! The BSFM journey is seriously the best thing to have happened to not only my business but it’s making me a better mum, step mum and wife! So glad I found BSFM!"





"I cannot give enough praise for this program, Anna & Florencia, you guys are making such a difference in my life. I’m having a lot of light bulb moments particularly around mindset... Thank you ladies! You Rock!!”

Juanita Bouveng obsessivecrush




"I would never have dreamed our little business, just shy of 1 year old would win not 1 but 2 awards! After starting the program and hearing Anna & Flori’s words of wisdom, I decided to back myself and enter two products into these awards. BSFM gave me the confidence. So thank you BSFM and the ladies who have supported me!"




“BSFM… GAME CHANGER. I was hesitant at first to make the investment, with a small business profit, but it has literally been the best thing I have done for me, my family and my business. I cannot even find the words to express just how enormous the impact that the BSFM program has made to me as a person and a business woman - the fact I can now even call myself a ‘business woman’ is a true testimony to how much I have grown since joining!

I am now confident in my abilities and success. I have a wealth of business knowledge and more to learn right at my fingertips. I have goals, some I have smashed out of the park already and others I am working towards and with my solid mindset (thanks BSFM) I know I will achieve those too. I am earning more than I could have EVER imagined this far into my biz journey. I honestly *hand on heart* owe this success to BSFM

Indee-Annah Harvey - Indee Visual Design


“This is the best thing that I have done for my own mental health as well as for my business. I didn't realise that the goals that I had set myself were not realistic or achievable, so I was facing constant disappointment by not meeting them... The Mindset Overhaul really cut deep as to why I was repeating the same behaviours (hello procrastination!). By the time it came to writing my Action Plan I was pumped up ready to go and I have been kicking goals (on time!!) ever since!”

Vikki Dickinson - The Sleep & Grow Co.


“I've started a podcast, upped my social media game and am nailing Facebook ads, to the point where I've quadrupled my income this month.

Bee Ritchie – Hush-a-bee 


Chloe Watts From Blueberry + Co 


I've achieved so much around mindset and time management. Whenever I'm struggling, I just say to myself 'Flori & Anna wouldn't do this, they would just get it done! So what are you doing? Just GET IT DONE!

Adrian Munro
Wild & Whimsical Things

These ladies are the bees' knees! Not only are they so delightful but their knowledge in the business world is invaluable. This program is one of the best I've done. I highly recommend working with BSFM

Sam Spunner

BSFM has given me the confidence to grow my business and the tools to help me along the way. I feel more confident to get out and there and really step out of my comfort zone. I have even entered my business in some awards. At the end of the day I have learnt that if you put yourself out there, the sky is the limit!!

Renee Tilley
Pauda Healing

I did not realise how much hard work being a Mumpreneur is and how much you can gain by doing a program like this, to make sure you do not waste your time on unnecessary things…It’s the best money you will ever spend for your personal growth.

Susanna Heiskanen

Being provided with so much valuable information about sales, marketing and business planning has been awesome; but what's really stood out for me not only for my business but also for my personal life have been the mindset modules.

Amie Wallace
Amie's Lighthouse

Marketing has never been one of my strongpoints when it comes to running a business. But thanks to BSFM it's all clicked for me. Anna & Flori have worked with me to ensure that my marketing is the right fit for my business .. They make marketing fun & exciting!

Belinda Milne
Out of Office Solutions

I had my business idea and had done my training, I knew that what I wanted to do was teach and empower pregnant women and couples to achieve positive birth experiences. Business School for Mums has completely helped me establish my business… I have learnt so much and still learn everyday.

Amelia Parkinson’s
The Wise Hippo Sydney

I left my job as a solicitor burnt out and damaged and the modules on mindset really helped me to regain my confidence in myself and my business … this program has absolutely met my expectations.

Melanie Ambrose
All by Hand



Lynette Bolton From LCB Productions 

Melissa Harrison From The Toenail People  WWW.THETOENAILPEOPLE.COM.AU


testimonial 09

I was tracking well before joining the program, with a growing list of stockists, however my retail sales through my website were growing slowly. After combining the lessons of the advertising and marketing webinars, I've run a series of Facebook ads that have meant our last month of sales are almost double the previous month!

Chloe Watts From Blueberry + Co  WWW.BLUEBERRYCO.COM.AU


testimonial 10

I can honestly not express how grateful I am that I came across business school for mums. It's not just the wealth of knowledge you receive within the program it's the humble community of like-minded boss mama's you become a part of. Anna and Flori are equally worth their weight in gold! I can easily come up with 'the next best thing' about 20 times a day - but the girls keep me on track and direct my time and energy into what I actually should be focusing on! Make BSFM's program your TOP business priority - you will not regret it!!

Lucy Labutis From Locks by Lucy

testimonial 11

I wish I had embarked on this program before starting my small biz. This program has given me a real insight into my own personality & behaviours that were holding me back. I can't recommend BSFM enough. I never imagined I would be where I am in just 7 months. Thanks for showing me that I don't have to keep going through life with dreams; I can finally make those dreams a reality!

Lizzie Wall From Kids Gifts &Toys  WWW.KIDSGIFTSANDTOYS.COM

testimonial 12

Business ideas often start from the heart and it can be tough when the crushing realities hit; do I have a business plan, what if I'm not good enough, what does my marketing look like, etc.? There's a module for every one of these questions and more! Authentic, relatable, highly knowledgeable, these ladies know their stuff and we're so lucky to benefit from them. For all mums out there who have a business idea and need a system to make it work - Congratulations! you've just found it!

Lucy Stride From Lucyflex Reflexology

testimonial 13

I looked through sooo many programs! But they all felt very generic and sterile. There was nothing real! When I came across BSFM it felt like a family of like minded biz mums all striving for only the best. Both Anna and Flori aren't just teachers, they are also mothers so they understand the importance of a work and family balance. …I was so green in the business world and their introduction didn't scare me but it motivated me that anything is possible. The best business investment so far has been this program

Bronwyn Delaivuna From Indera Beads


Sally Baker From Thyroid Wellness 

Jane Turner From The Write With Jane 




Based in Sydney but servicing clients worldwide, Business School for Mums (BSFM) is an education hub for Mums in Business. Founded by Anna and Flori in Sydney in 2016, BSFM’s mission is clear - to deliver Mums all the coaching, training & resources they need to ensure RESULTS in their small business.

The Beyond Brave Mastermind was later founded in 2018 in response to existing students wanting to scale their businesses further. The Mastermind delivers advanced one-on-one training to help students break through to the next income level in their businesses.


“BSFM… GAME CHANGER. it has literally been the best thing I have done for me, my family and my business. I am now confident in my abilities and success. I have a wealth of business knowledge and I am earning more than I could have EVER imagined this far into my business journey” - Indee Harvey | Indee Visual Design

“BSFM is THE Single best investment I have made in my business and I know it will make the difference between succeeding and failing.” Rachel Britliff | Curious Kids Science


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