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Small Business Pro is an intensive 12-month personal coaching program – designed to help you start and grow a successful small business the right way and for the long term.








The business coaching program you’ve been searching for...


You’re here because you want to do things properly.

You GET that a successful business goes beyond hashtags and the allure of social media. And you KNOW you’ve got to tackle the important stuff to get your business really firing.

We’re talking your bigger picture strategy, research, your financials, marketing plan & sales funnel.

You want results.

And you are ready to do the work! Because this business is THE KEY to the life you choose for you and your family.

Amen to that sister!



“Small Business Pro literally covered everything I did in my business degree but was so much more practical and gave me a platform to run ideas / plans / numbers past a supportive and resourceful community & expert business coaches for constant feedback”

Bee Ritchie | Hush-a-Bee



Your Roadmap to Results

Small Business Pro is an all-encompassing coaching program designed to take you right from the start of your business all the way through to building out your sales funnels, implementing email marketing and mastering Facebook Ads.

And it spans 3 key phases to ensure you get the RESULTS you want and need:



Build your business on the strongest foundations



Develop plans and strategies to reach your goals



Grow your business with advanced training & bespoke support




It’s truly a bespoke learning experience customised to you and your business...


There is nothing off the shelf about this program.

Each student’s journey is unique – from the content you’re directed to, the marketing plans we’ll draw up with you, to the feedback you get, and the goals we set.

At every step you’re getting dedicated one on one support tailored to you.





Your entire marketing strategy hinges on your BUSINESS FOUNDATIONS.
If you don't have these covered, your marketing is destined to fail.



Phase 1: build_content image


We start by stepping you through our 9 Pillars to Small Business Success:


build_content image


build_content image


build_content image


build_content image


build_content image


build_content image


build_content image


build_content image


build_content image


Here we work with you, to ensure you have a viable business model and one which is designed to stand the test of time – whilst simultaneously building out your overarching marketing strategy.

  This phase is fast and furious and comes with 2 intensive days of face to face training in Sydney.







Having a PLAN IS A MUST. It gives your days, weeks & months structure.
Ultimately, it’s your blueprint to results.



Phase 2: build_content image


Next, we work on your bigger picture goals and lay out your marketing plan for the year.

Here we start with a rigorous goal setting exercise to establish any gaps you might have from phase 1 along with your bigger aspirations for the year.

From there we dive into your marketing plan and accompanying sales funnel strategy for the next 12 months.


Plan content image




You just need one or two funnels working for your business to start SEEING RESULTS FAST.
Once you’ve nailed these you can build things out from there and then the sky’s the limit.



Phase 3: build_content image


Then, in our final phase, it’s all about implementation.

From building out your sales funnels, to setting up your email marketing, defining your social media strategy, paid traffic, organic reach, website optimisation – you name it - it happens here.

This phase is all about building out your strategy, systems & processes so you can really start to scale.


Execute-Content image


Execute-Content image


Execute-Content image


Execute-Content image


Execute-Content image


Execute-Content image


Execute-Content image


(This is just a small snapshot of the advanced content that awaits you)





Oh, did we mention it also comes with an ongoing sprinkle of mindset magic...


We all suffer with our confidence from time to time - entrepreneurship, motherhood and life experience will see to that.

But the truth is - this business journey is 80% mindset and is why in Small Business Pro we have dedicated Life Coaches working with you to help you nail your success mindset.

With one on one support, live hot seats, & hours of mindset content – you’ll have an array of daily support at your finger tips to help you work through negative beliefs, self-doubt, mum guilt, time management and so much more.

Our mission – to ensure you believe you can, you will and you’ve got this – no matter what happens in your day.




See why Mums everywhere are choosing Small Business Pro for their business.





“I’ve seen my monthly sales grow by almost 200% over the last quarter. Love the dynamic community to interact with, as well as a wealth of course content that I can keep revisiting. One of the BEST business investments - I’m so glad I became a part of the BSFM community.”

Keenena Fanning | Kablooie Store


“Within 1-2 months of completing the BSFM course, my sales had increased by 100% I had knocked my 6 month goals out of the park, and I completely sold out of books!

Frances Lalor | The Day You Came Into the World


“I started my biz in Jan this year and since following the guidance of Anna & Flori I have managed to get my business growing rapidly. I have achieved in 9 months what it took me 3 years to do on a previous business.

Danica Collins | Little Tucker Box



Small Business Pro is literally a banquet of EVERYTHING YOU NEED & we’re here to guide you through the right combination of trainings for your business #winning
All the tools, resources and support you need all in the one place.


Everything you need to start & grow your business in the one place


Bank of Online training
100’s of hours of online training + accompanying tools & resources

Hot Seat Sessions
Live coaching calls with our team of coaches

One on One Coaching
Online coaching exclusively tailored to your business in our private forum

Live Trainings
Connecting you with the very best expert speakers out there

Support Team
AKA our stalk team – there to make sure you stay on track

Private Facebook Community
Described as THE most valuable Business Facebook Community for women

In Person Events
Engage in face to face trainings & local meet ups

Your complete roadmap to Success
Everything mapped out – step by step, with 360 support


Content, Coaching and Support you can revisit again and again across your intensive 12 month program via our comprehensive easy to use online platform.


The support team behind you every step of the way

 With us you’re never alone because you have a dedicated team to help support and guide you on your journey with us.

And with our unique combination of skills and business experience you’ll get ALL the guidance you need to deliver you results.


anna and flori image


Jo image




NAT image


LEIGH image


ROSE image


INDEE image




Ok, so are you ready to get serious about your business & see real results ?


Personal Coaching Program

AUD $1799 + GST

Given the hands-on nature of our program, Small Business Pro is by Application Only.




Let’s compare your options...

Small Business Pro is the most comprehensive training covering all things business, mindset and marketing.
The content, additional coaching & support is what sets Business School for Mums apart from any other program.

Below is a summary of Small Business Pro content and the pricing of these individual programs valued by industry averages - see for yourself the amount you’ll save by joining BSFM, not to mention the time & energy you’ll save by doing this program all in one.


Business Foundations
Marketing Plans
Sales Funnel Strategy
Social Media Planning
Email Marketing Course
Facebook Ads & Ads / Messenger
SEO / Ad words Course
Copy Writing
2 Days face to face business coaching
12 Months Online Life Coaching
12 Months Online Business Coaching



AUD $0.00

AUD $2,799 + GST





"Getting through these webinars and exercises has been so helpful! I feel so much more refreshed, in control, buzzing just ready to get on with it! The BSFM journey is seriously the best thing to have happened to not only my business but it’s making me a better mum, step mum and wife! So glad I found BSFM!"

Michelle Tyson | Seed Skincare



Our program is 100% risk free guaranteed...



This program seriously has the potential to change your life.

We know that’s a big call, but we’ve seen the impact of what we teach not only on our own businesses but that of ALL of our students who’ve taken action.

If you do the work and apply this to your life & business, you WILL GET RESULTS.

That’s why we have a risk-free guarantee. Because if you do the work and apply what you learn and don’t experience results – we’ll happily refund your money. #resultsguaranteed




Small Business Pro is for you if...


You’re looking for a truly bespoke learning experience tailored to you and your business.

You want one on one help plus a support team who checks in with you regularly

You want everything you need to start and grow your business in one program

You want to know the serious stuff – like market research, business strategy and your financials

You’re ready to put in the time and hard work to build out your business for the long term

You’re looking for a community of inspired doers

You want to work on your mindset, marketing and business strategy

You’re in it for the long haul

You’re ready to do the work and get serious results!



IMAGINE HOW YOU’LL FEEL when you have a solid business plan, with a strong grasp on your numbers. Your goals & marketing plans mapped out for the year. Your sales funnel strategy nailed plus the confidence & understanding to turn on Facebook Ads & know they’ll deliver you a killer return! #itallawaitsyou


Change the trajectory of your small business with our program & inspired community



Top FAQ’s

How is Small Business Pro different to other Business Courses out there?

For one, we've done the hard yards. We've grown numerous successful small businesses ourselves, so we most certainly have walked the walk and now want to teach you everything that we've learnt along the journey, so that you don't have to waste the time and money we did trying to figure this all out for ourselves.

And here are just a few more key reasons why our Program is better than any other business course out there for you:

  1. It's a bespoke learning experience exclusively tailored to your business. This is not an off the shelf offering, alongside our team we work with you daily on your specific business;
  2. It's personal – we get to know each and every student. We connect in person, on live calls, meet ups and more;
  3. Your mindset. Our aim is to prime your mindset for confidence, self-belief and results so that you 110% believe that you can, you will and that you've got this! Which is why we have dedicated life coaches here to support you as you traverse our program;
  4. This is a Program exclusively designed for mums in business - so if that's you, get ready to be profoundly understood and heard and taught in a way in which it will 100% resonate with you and your needs as a #WAHM.

You can also checkout our testimonials page to learn more about why our students have chosen us for their business.




“I’m a new startup business - developing concepts and my first offering to launch in Feb. The course is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone looking to go into business.

The unique mindset content that’s included was the big thing for me. I’ve done a couple of online business courses and BSFM course is the only one that looks at this aspect of your business in detail. I have had the pleasure of working (and getting uncomfortable)  with Anna one-on-one a couple of times and on both occasions, this had a huge impact on me.”





“Since the moment I started with BSFM I’ve been kicking goals ever since and this is now a full time job where I have to send my kids to daycare just to get work done haha. Next year I’ll be bringing my husband home from FIFO work.”





“BSFM helped me reach within and work out what I love doing and then gave me the confidence and tools to take action! Love the supportive community! I’m a single mum with two kids so budgeting is huge in my house, however the value you get from these ladies is amazing!!! Implement what they say and it works!!!”


Who’s right for Small Business Pro?

For starters, if you’re a mum and you’re ready for results and committed to your business vision, you’re the perfect fit.

Now in terms of where you need to be in your business, you’ll benefit no matter what stage you’re at:

  • Ideas Stage – you have a solid idea you want to explore so that you can launch your own small business;
  • Start-up – you’ve recently launched your small business;
  • Growth – you’ve been in business a little while but you’re ready to grow and you want to improve your results;

Now, if you’re already kicking BIG goals in your business and really looking to scale – then we recommend you check out our elite coaching program Beyond Brave as your next step.

My business is different – will Small Business Pro work for me?

Yes absolutely. SBP will work for you, no questions asked.

This Program has been designed to help any type of business owner and we’ve been very conscious of this when crafting the Program material.

To give you an idea, we have all sorts of Business Owners in the SBP Community:

  • Coaches
  • Authors
  • Accountants
  • VAs
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Event Organisers
  • Furniture Designers
  • Medical Grade Product Sellers
  • Babywear
  • Maternity
  • Directories
  • Videographers
  • Job Sites
  • Bookkeepers
  • Nutritionists
  • Reflexologists
  • Beauticians
  • Social Media Managers
  • Makers
  • Photographers
  • Web Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Financial Planners
  • Retailers
  • Store Owners (online & offline)
  • Personal Trainers
  • Landscapers
  • Jewellers
  • Naturopaths
  • Clothing sellers
  • Franchise Owners
  • Child Sleep Consultants
  • Skin Care Manufactures
Will Small Business Pro work for me even though I don’t have a business yet?

Let us say this…  being in this position puts you in the very best place possible, because you’ll lay your foundations the right way, right from the start. What’s more, you’re far less likely to waste time or money, making mistakes in trying to figure things out for yourself.

We’ll be here to guide you at every step so that you can test your idea as well as demand, whilst tweaking things as you go for maximum results.



“I joined in 2016, I took the chance on myself (which was hard because we were stressed for money) but it felt like the right thing to do so I went with my gut... best investment I have ever made.. Anna & Flori are amazing, and as you can see, they are so passionate it’s addictive and the group - well it’s like nothing you’ve seen before, so supportive. My business wasn’t set in stone, I knew that I wanted to help mums but couldn’t figure it out. While working through the course I realised what I needed to do and I spent last year doing a lot of self development and building my business structure.”





“I feel really fortunate to have come on the course before starting off on my venture... this has really forced me to slow down and concentrate on my due diligence and to create something that there is an actual need & want for in the  market.

I definitely feel more confident in myself and my business ideas as well as in what I can achieve... I [love] meeting all of the other amazing women in the group who are further along in the journey than me and seeing that they’re doing it!... it’s that kind of community feel that we’re all supporting each other and this has made me more confident in what I can achieve.”





“I can’t recommend it enough for businesses starting out! The great thing is that this is a community of women who are committed to achieving a better life - we’ve all invested our time and our money into making this work so you get real and honest feedback from people who understand where you’re at (it’s like a mothers group for your business!!!!).


How will you ensure I get results?

We are truly dedicated to your success and we have a number of different touchpoints and processes to ensure you get results:

#1 Our Private Coaching Forum, this enables us to have a unique view on your business and is where we work with you daily to plan, brainstorm, review your material, set goals, and set you to task.

#2 Our live 2-day training event - here we work with you one on one live in the room to get clarity and results.

#3 We have a number of live online classes across our program which will enable you to come chat to us live for help and feedback.

#4 Our coaching team are all highly trained across many different aspects of business – Marketing, Strategy, Research, FB Ads, SEO, Ad Words, Copywriting, Website Optimsation, Branding and more – all to ensure you have ALL the support you need across all the major aspect of your business.

#5 Lastly, we have our student liaison and “stalk team” who will be checking in with you regularly across your journey to ensure you’re progressing and on track.

We are here to support you every which way and what we teach WORKS - but remember you still need to do the work!

Will I get to speak directly to Anna & Flori?

Yes! Anna and Flori work alongside their team in the online coaching forum. They also run the live in-person training events and deliver live hot seat sessions.

How many hours a week do I need to put aside to complete the Program?

We know that your time is scarce and that you’re juggling A LOT - which is why this whole Program has been designed with this in mind - to make every minute count.

At the outset of every Module, you’ll see a rough time estimate so you know how much time to set aside to complete that particular Module.

As a rule of thumb, with Phase 1 [build] we estimate you'll need to set aside anywhere from 3-4 hours per week as your work through your business foundations.

From there, we recommend anywhere from 3+ hours a week to work through Phases 2 & 3 [plan & execute] as you plan and implement our more advanced marketing strategies.


For more FAQ’s click here







Based in Sydney but servicing clients worldwide, Business School for Mums (BSFM) is an education hub for Mums in Business. Founded by Anna and Flori in Sydney in 2016, BSFM’s mission is clear - to deliver Mums all the coaching, training & resources they need to ensure RESULTS in their small business.

The Beyond Brave Mastermind was later founded in 2018 in response to existing students wanting to scale their businesses further. The Mastermind delivers advanced one-on-one training to help students break through to the next income level in their businesses.


“BSFM… GAME CHANGER. It has literally been the best thing I have done for me, my family and my business. I am now confident in my abilities and success. I have a wealth of business knowledge and I am earning more than I could have EVER imagined this far into my business journey” - Indee Harvey | Indee Visual Design

“BSFM is THE Single best investment I have made in my business and I know it will make the difference between succeeding and failing.” Rachel Brittliff | Curious Kids Science


Want our step-by-step guide to set your small business up for success?