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EP4. 3 Marketing Myths Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

A deconstruction of 3 of the most common marketing myths we see surface again and again.

EP5. My Journey to Small Business Success - Chloe Watts, Blueberry Co

A real and honest look at the road to success for Chloe Watts founder of Blueberry Co.

EP9. From Mass Marketing to Mass Personalisation

How to create a more customised experience for your leads.

EP10: What Do You Need To Consider At The Top Of Your Sales Funnel?

A Live Coaching Session With Flori Pyke where she discusses what sits behind a successful top of the funnel strategy with a student.

Ep12. How To Price Your Products & Services For Success

Some tips and tricks to setting the right price point for your offering and how to own the price you set for yourself.

Ep15. 4 Key Metrics To Be Across In Your Sales Funnel

Learn what numbers you should be across in your marketing activations to measure success.