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Ep21. Facebook Groups - A Good Or Bad Idea For Your Business? - With Diana Tower

 Tower shares the pros and cons of running a Facebook community as part of your business model.

Ep20. Why Hasn’t It Happened For Me Yet?

A look into what might be impacting your business and its current level of success.

Ep19. How To Create A Buzz When Launching A New Product Or Service

Learn the ins and outs of what goes into creating a really successful launch.

Ep18. How To Increase Your Productivity And Focus - With Srini Rao

Srini Rao shares how listening to and gaining control of your environment can lead to significant shifts in your focus and productivity.

Ep17. How I Went From 2 To Over 60 Sales A Month

A real and honest look at how Rachel Brittliff from Curious Kids Science applied BSFM learnings to propel herself forward and create a business and home life she wants.

Ep16. What’s Better Than Acquiring A New Customer?

A deep dive into retention strategies to keep current customers coming back for more.

Ep15. 4 Key Metrics To Be Across In Your Sales Funnel

Learn what numbers you should be across in your marketing activations to measure success.

Ep14. Are You A #Controlfreak?

Feel like you need to have control over everything going on around you all the time? That no one can do it as well as you - and that everything lies on your shoulders?

Ever wonder why that is?

Most of us grapple with issues of control - especially after being thrown into the chaos that having kids bring... but for some of us issues around control run much deeper than this.

Join Anna on a live coaching with Jo from Gotrovo Games as she digs deep into the beliefs and strategies that have driven Jo to feel like a self confessed #controlfreak - and how her life and business are being impacted by a need to have it all together ALWAYS.

Ep13. The Habits Of Highly Successful People

What makes one person successful and another not?

Ep12. How To Price Your Products & Services For Success

Looking for some tips and tricks on how to set prices for your offering?

EP11. 7 Steps To Conquering Your Fears

Everyone feels fear.

EP10: What Do You Need To Consider At The Top Of Your Sales Funnel?

A live marketing coaching session where Flori discusses what sits behind a successful top of the funnel strategy with a Business School for Mums student and her unique Ferrari hire company.

EP9. From Mass Marketing to Mass Personalisation

Did you know that on an average day, a person can be served up to 5,000 ads? So, what does this mean for you as a small business owner? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to achieve the cut-through you need to get noticed.

EP8. Is Your Confidence Really The Problem?

The truth is that if you’re getting nowhere fast in your small business, chances are that you’re the one who’s standing in your own way…. Inhibiting yourself from moving ahead.

EP7. 6 Keys To Building A Strong Brand Identity

Did you know that having a strong brand can hugely accelerate your small business growth?

EP6. Why Knowing Your Target Audience Can Change The Trajectory of Your Business

In this episode, we share the 5 key reasons on why getting up close and personal with your target audience can completely change the trajectory of your business.

EP5. My Journey to Small Business Success - Chloe Watts, Blueberry Co

Anna gets up close and personal on all things mum life and business with Business School for Mums student, Chloe Watts, Founder of Blueberry + Co.

EP4. 3 Marketing Myths Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

So have you fallen into the deep dark traps of the ever so prominent marketing myths that we see so many small business owners fall a victim to?

EP3. 6 Limiting Beliefs That Will Drain Your Time

This episode is all about the #1 problem that 99% of mums in business like us have...

Time... or lack thereof. Get the facts about time management. You will get an insight into some of the common limiting beliefs women hold around time and time management.

EP2. The 3 Building Blocks For Small Business Success

In this episode we discuss the three essential foundations you need to have in place before you even think about your business or marketing plan.