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EP11. 7 Steps To Conquering Your Fears

What you need to know about fear and HOW to move through it.

EP10: What Do You Need To Consider At The Top Of Your Sales Funnel?

A Live Coaching Session With Flori Pyke where she discusses what sits behind a successful top of the funnel strategy with a student.

EP9. From Mass Marketing to Mass Personalisation

How to create a more customised experience for your leads.

EP8. Is Your Confidence Really The Problem?

A Live Coaching Session with Anna Jonak where she explores what really sits beneath a clients lack of confidence.

EP7. 6 Keys To Building A Strong Brand Identity

The dos and dont’s of creating a strong brand identity that appeals to your ideal client.

EP6. Why Knowing Your Target Audience Can Change The Trajectory of Your Business

An insight into what you really should know about your target audience and it’s impact on your business.

EP5. My Journey to Small Business Success - Chloe Watts, Blueberry Co

A real and honest look at the road to success for Chloe Watts founder of Blueberry Co.

EP4. 3 Marketing Myths Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

A deconstruction of 3 of the most common marketing myths we see surface again and again.

EP3. 6 Limiting Beliefs That Will Drain Your Time

An insight into some of the common limiting beliefs women hold around time and time management.

EP2. The 3 Building Blocks For Small Business Success

The three essential foundations you need to have in place before you even think about your business or marketing plan.

EP1. Why We Started This Podcast

An introduction to us (Anna & Flori); And our vision and mission for this podcast and all the awesomeness & value you can expect from it.