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EP1. Why We Started This Podcast

An introduction to us (Anna & Flori); And our vision and mission for this podcast and all the awesomeness & value you can expect from it.

EP2. The 3 Building Blocks For Small Business Success

The three essential foundations you need to have in place before you even think about your business or marketing plan.

EP8. Is Your Confidence Really The Problem?

A Live Coaching Session with Anna Jonak where she explores what really sits beneath a clients lack of confidence.

EP11. 7 Steps To Conquering Your Fears

What you need to know about fear and HOW to move through it.

Ep13. The Habits Of Highly Successful People

Colin Morgan shares his thoughts on how best to manage your time, mindset & marketing, after interviewing hundreds of today’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Ep14. Are You A #Controlfreak?

Feel like you need to have control over everything going on around you all the time? That no one can do it as well as you - and that everything lies on your shoulders?

Ever wonder why that is?

Most of us grapple with issues of control - especially after being thrown into the chaos that having kids bring... but for some of us issues around control run much deeper than this.

Join Anna on a live coaching with Jo from Gotrovo Games as she digs deep into the beliefs and strategies that have driven Jo to feel like a self confessed #controlfreak - and how her life and business are being impacted by a need to have it all together ALWAYS.