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EP1. Why We Started This Podcast

An introduction to us (Anna & Flori); And our vision and mission for this podcast and all the awesomeness & value you can expect from it.

EP2. The 3 Building Blocks For Small Business Success

In this episode we discuss the three essential foundations you need to have in place before you even think about your business or marketing plan.

EP8. Is Your Confidence Really The Problem?

The truth is that if you’re getting nowhere fast in your small business, chances are that you’re the one who’s standing in your own way…. Inhibiting yourself from moving ahead.

EP11. 7 Steps To Conquering Your Fears

Everyone feels fear.

The trick is in how you perceive it and more importantly, how you fight fear.

Ep13. The Habits Of Highly Successful People

What makes one person successful and another not?

Ep14. Are You A #Controlfreak?

Feel like you need to have control over everything going on around you all the time? That no one can do it as well as you - and that everything lies on your shoulders?

Ever wonder why that is? Are you a control freak?

Ep20. Why Hasn’t It Happened For Me Yet?

How are you travelling in your business right now?

Because if you're feeling frustrated at the thought of that question, then this podcast episode is a must.

Ep24. Mistakes, Wakeup Calls And Comebacks

Yep – we made a big mistake…

And it’s time to fess up.

So, we’re owning up to it in this episode of the Brave Business Podcast.

Ep26. Decision Paralysis

Do you ever struggle with decision making?
You know where you feel like there is a right or wrong decision for everything and that there’s catastrophic consequences if you pick the wrong one?

Ep28. How Fitness Can Help Empower Your Mindset

Jay Kali shares his insights on the impact that health and exercise can have on your mindset.

Ep31. How I Turned My Biggest Problem Into My Biggest Opportunity With Lou Fitzpatrick

Flori chats to Small Business Pro student, Lou Fitzpatrick about her journey with Business School for Mums in turning her number one challenge into her biggest business opportunity with The Anxiety Project.

Ep33. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

A celebration of some of the successes and standouts from within our community for 2018

Ep34. 4 Bad Habits To Leave Behind In 2018

A bit of a shake up and wake up so that you step afresh into 2019 leaving behind some of the bad habits that negatively impact your business.

Ep35. How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Full Blown Business

Jess Spencer of Adored Illustrations shares how following her passion and going all in enabled her to leave the corporate world behind her once and for all.

Ep36. How To Supercharge Your Money Mindset

What's your money mindset like?

Do you feel deserving of money and success? 

Or quite the opposite? That money is not something that comes easy to you?

Ep41. When Striving for Success Can Lead to Burn Out

Anna chats to Life Coach & Yoga Teacher Corona Brady about burnout and the importance of a wholistic approach to self care.




Based in Sydney but servicing clients worldwide, Business School for Mums (BSFM) is an education hub for Mums in Business. Founded by Anna and Flori in Sydney in 2016, BSFM’s mission is clear - to deliver Mums all the coaching, training & resources they need to ensure RESULTS in their small business.

The Beyond Brave Mastermind was later founded in 2018 in response to existing students wanting to scale their businesses further. The Mastermind delivers advanced one-on-one training to help students break through to the next income level in their businesses.


“BSFM… GAME CHANGER. It has literally been the best thing I have done for me, my family and my business. I am now confident in my abilities and success. I have a wealth of business knowledge and I am earning more than I could have EVER imagined this far into my business journey” - Indee Harvey | Indee Visual Design

“BSFM is THE Single best investment I have made in my business and I know it will make the difference between succeeding and failing.” Rachel Brittliff | Curious Kids Science


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