Success Live!


4/5th May 2019 in Sydney



Join our team of business coaches to nail your business foundations in just one weekend









What is Success Live?

Our brand new 2-day training event - designed to fast-track you through your Small Business Foundations so you can dive confidently into the next phase of your business and focus on growing and scaling it.

Succeed faster with direct access to Anna & Flori and their team of coaches in an intimate group setting, with 2 full days of hands on support dedicated to you and your business.




Why is it different to a standard event?


This training is designed to deliver you the stuff that really matters and will have a lasting impact on the trajectory of your business. We’re talking business planning, strategy, finances, funnels and more.

Delivered with the perfect combination of education, group breakouts and one on one feedback you’ll progress quickly through your business foundations and leave with clear next steps to progress your business.

And trust us when we say you’re also going to LOVE the truly unique opportunity to spend some time on YOU as well as your business for an ENTIRE weekend!

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How do you know if Success Live is right for you?

Good question! Well if you can answer yes to any of the following then Sista this training is definitely for you:


You’re just starting out and you don’t know which next steps to take

You’ve been in business a little while but you’re not getting results

You want to carve out dedicated time to work ON the business vs. IN the business

You are time poor and want ALL the answers in one hit

You prefer in-person training to online learning

You want assurance your business foundations are solid

You want to be able to focus on the marketing & promoting of your business moving forward

You want to work simultaneously on your business, marketing & mindset

You want to network and connect with other mums in business




What we’ll cover

Across our 2 days together we’ll step you through our comprehensive 9 Pillars to Small Business Success - with the aim to have you walking away with a complete blueprint for your business and clear view on your overarching marketing strategy.




Your Business Feasibility


In this session you’ll learn:


How to effectively test demand of your business / products / services

Where & how to gather the best data for the insights you need

How to construct the ideal client survey, which you can rinse and repeat




Your Positioning Strategy


In this session you’ll learn:


How to get clear on your marketplace

How to define the best positioning strategy for your business

What your key points of difference are as a business

Where & how to niche for results in your market



Your Ideal Client


In this session you’ll learn:


What your ideal client really looks like

How to position yourself as an authority in your client’s eyes

How to uncover your client's pain points and motivators

How to drive masses of your ideal clients time and time again



Your BUSINESS Finances


In this session you’ll learn:


How to test the financial feasibility of your business

How to best price your products and services for success

The best profit maximisers for your business model




The Entrepreneur's Mindset


In this session you’ll learn:


The keys to harnessing an entrepreneur’s mindset

How to work through and clear out that negative self-talk

The power you have to influence the results you want

How to get clear on your core values



Your Marketing Presence


In this session you’ll learn:


Discover the key marketing channels your target market hangs out on

Complete a health check on your website’s optimisation

Why you need a strong set of brand guidelines & what this is




Your Marketing Strategy


In this session you’ll learn:


What the sales funnel is

How to define a sales funnel specifically for your business

How to keep your existing customers coming back for more




Time Management


In this session you’ll learn:


How to get out of your own way

How to create and set boundaries around your time

The keys to managing working on the business rather than in the business




Goal Setting


In this session you’ll learn:


How to ascertain the best goals for your business moving forward

How to goal set for success

How to work to a 90-day plan to hold yourself accountable and drive results






Location & venue details

Location is currently TBC but will be held in North Sydney / Neutral Bay.









“There were so many strong, motivated women in the one room the energy was INSANE! The amount of knowledge and experience as a collective just blew me away. Anyone thinking about attending - just do it. Don't underestimate the power of being immersed in a room of inspirational women.

Elissa Ashcroft | My Bijou


“Success Live gave me an opportunity to connect and talk face-to-face with other women who are in the same place that I was. It was inspiring, motivating, and in a way validating. There's an energy and sense of empowerment from sitting with a group of strong like-minded women who are ready to make things happen for themselves. I left success live ready to kick butt again.”

Amanda Howie | MCPOnline


“Their 9 Pillars Blueprint was very informative and highly practical. Did it deliver on all my expectations? YES and so much more! I have joined their 12 month support program and hope to join their Beyond Brave Mastermind program later this year.

Julie Peadon | Julie Peadon Art



Ok, so are you ready to book your tickets & join our next group?


2 x Days of Live Training
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AUD $999 + GST




Please note Success Live is included in our comprehensive business program Small Business Pro | LEARN MORE HERE


Our Business School really delivers

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“I made close to 10k in a single month! And not only did I have more customers purchasing, but the average basket is a lot bigger too." - Diany Prasetio | Tiny Paper Co.

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"We reached a $100k turnover 10 months after starting with Anna & Flori!” - Chloe Watts | Blueberry Co.

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"I have achieved in 9 months what it took me 3 years to do on a previous business." - Danica Collins | Little Tucker Box

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“I was just breaking even... 3 months after joining BSFM, the next 3 months I had a profit of $3k a month” - Paula Kuka | Common Wild

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"I’ve seen my monthly sales grow by almost 200% over the last quarter” - Keneena Fanning | Kablooie Store

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“Within 1-2 months of completing the BSFM course, my sales had increased by 100%. I had knocked my 6 month goal out of the park, & I completely sold out of books!” - Frances Lalor | The Day You Came into the World




About Anna & Flori



With 6 kids between us, aged 5 and under – we know how crazy this whole business / family thing is. Trust us, we’ve experienced the highs and lows of it all and are now fortunately in the position where we are enjoying the juggle as we drive a business fast toward huge success.

To put this into context, in the last 3 years BSFM has tutored & coached thousands of Mums, is spreading quickly across the globe, and is headed fast for 7 figures.

Our experience in business spans far and wide – together, we have a collective 26+ years under our belt in small business, business development, media, marketing, and sales.

Alongside this, we have a variety of degrees, diplomas and a master’s between us - across the fields of psychology, life coaching, marketing and business.

What’s more we’ve invested over $60K in our professional development in the last 2 years alone.

And it’s with these foundations in place that we’ve developed our transformational coaching programs - to help you build your business for long term success and fast track your results.

And we truly hope you’ll join us for this epic event so we can help you fast track your success! Anna & Flori xo



BSFM’S Multiple Award Nominations

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Based in Sydney but servicing clients worldwide, Business School for Mums (BSFM) is an education hub for Mums in Business. Founded by Anna and Flori in Sydney in 2016, BSFM’s mission is clear - to deliver Mums all the coaching, training & resources they need to ensure RESULTS in their small business.

The Beyond Brave Mastermind was later founded in 2018 in response to existing students wanting to scale their businesses further. The Mastermind delivers advanced one-on-one training to help students break through to the next income level in their businesses.


“BSFM… GAME CHANGER. It has literally been the best thing I have done for me, my family and my business. I am now confident in my abilities and success. I have a wealth of business knowledge and I am earning more than I could have EVER imagined this far into my business journey” - Indee Harvey | Indee Visual Design

“BSFM is THE Single best investment I have made in my business and I know it will make the difference between succeeding and failing.” Rachel Brittliff | Curious Kids Science


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